Nightingale Is Making Aerial Security a Reality

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As a pioneering American company offering a complete commercial security drone solution, Nightingale Security’s business is taking off. Customers of Mountain View, California based Nightingale can see, patrol and protect their facilities using autonomous robotic technology that is literally taking coverage and communications to new heights.

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GM monitors Tech Center with Nightingale ‘eye in the sky’

GM using Nightingale Drone

General Motors is using a Nightingale drone at their 11-million-square-foot campus in Warren to look for inefficiencies in its heating and cooling system and look for other problems. Steven Tomaszewski, director of sustainable workplaces for GM, said the drone will help the company save money and manpower. “There’s a lot of energy demand,” Tomaszewski said of the Tech Center, noting that cutting energy waste can help keep costs down. “Keeping that energy profile low is what we want to do.” A 1% improvement in efficiency equals $250,000 in savings at the Tech Center, Tomaszewski said.

Eighteen GM staffers have been trained as drone pilots to date, with another two expected to be certified by the end of the summer. The future could mean even more drone deployment, but Tomaszewski did not offer details.  “This is just a start,” Tomaszewski said. “The sky’s the limit.”

Read more: https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/general-motors/2018/05/10/drone-tech-center-milford-proving-ground/596195002/

Nightingale and VMware at Global World Congress 2018

VMWare and Nightingale recently partnered at Mobile World Congress 2018. So, what do drones have to do with Mobile World Congress, and specifically, how does VMware play a role in supporting drone services?

Nightingale Security is at the forefront of Robotic Aerial Security, with capabilities to fly programmed, autonomous missions around a defined perimeter and help security teams lower response times, and gain invaluable insight into potential threats. A partnership with VMware brings together all the capabilities of network slicing, Multi-Access Edge Computing, NFV and IoT, and show how CSPs can deliver new services, while delivering the highest Quality of Service levels in the network.

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