Nightingale Security

The smartest eyes in the sky

Our intelligent, autonomous Robotic Aerial Security service allows customers

to see, patrol and protect their facilities in ways never before possible.


We are proud to be the first Robotic Aerial Security company to receive

FAA exemptions allowing nighttime and multi-drone operations!

Secure and Ready 24/7

We never let your guard down.

Think of us as your secret weapon, rested and ready in its holster and deployed on your command. Based on key rooftop locations around your facility, our system not only provides important autonomous drone patrols but it’s always ready to launch missions to investigate alarms and incidents.


The backbone of autonomous aerial surveillance.

Nightingale Security base stations are deployed in strategic rooftop locations around your facility and contain powerful, networked computers that share critical information – ensuring continuous perimeter monitoring and rapid deployment during alarm events. Our base stations enable autonomous takeoff and landing via FLIR tracking and automatic bay doors. Fast inductive charging keeps drones ready for action and industrial strength design protect the drones from the bad weather.

More eyes in the right places

Video, Thermo, IR, and Lidar.

Nightingale Security drones can be equipped with an HD video camera and powerful sensors including Thermo, IR, and Lidar. Our drones can be scheduled for routine autonomous flights to monitor your facilities, or dispatched automatically by alarm events and they can also be operated manually. Our drones have Artificial Intelligence which provides image recognition with human and animal distinction. This allows drones to autonomously follow suspicious humans or vehicles while leaving the raccoons and deer alone.

Brilliant teamwork

Strength in numbers.

Nightingale Security drones share technical and mission data in real time. When an alarm event occurs, the drone best positioned to reach it quickly is autonomously deployed. When batteries on an active drone run low a replacement is sent automatically. These aren’t just drones – they’re an intelligent, rapid-response Robotic Aerial Security swarm.

Mission Control can be wherever you are

IOS, Android, Desktop.

Your Mission Control is accessible via desktop and mobile applications – letting you command everything from virtually anywhere. You can control multiple locations and drones and watch video and team chat in real time – and with the right access level you can assign team permissions, define flight paths, set schedules and direct camera locations.

A glimpse of our latest hardware in action

Our Brochure

A shareable overview of Robotic Aerial Security

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There are many use cases for our aerial security system including Perimeter Defense, Remote Surveillance, Situational Awareness, Search and Rescue, Port Security, Lot Security, Event Protection, Key Infrastructure Security, Manufacturing Facility Security, and a host of other incredible applications. For more information please contact us through the form below or please call us at (415) 796-6464.  For inquiries within the Europe please call +32 473 86 9797.