Nightingale and VMware at Global World Congress 2018

VMWare and Nightingale recently partnered at Mobile World Congress 2018. So, what do drones have to do with Mobile World Congress, and specifically, how does VMware play a role in supporting drone services?

Nightingale Security is at the forefront of Robotic Aerial Security, with capabilities to fly programmed, autonomous missions around a defined perimeter and help security teams lower response times, and gain invaluable insight into potential threats. A partnership with VMware brings together all the capabilities of network slicing, Multi-Access Edge Computing, NFV and IoT, and show how CSPs can deliver new services, while delivering the highest Quality of Service levels in the network.

Read more: https://blogs.vmware.com/telco/smartest-eye-sky-mobile-world-congress-2018/

FAA awards Nightingale exemption allowing multi-drone operation

On January 9, 2017 Nightingale Security was the first Robotic Aerial Security company granted a exemption from the FAA for single pilot or visual observer with multiple UAV operation. This is a valuable benefit for our clients as they can take full advantage of this exemption and deploy a multi-drone operation.

We’re proud of this achievement and we are working with the FAA to define and guide future drone regulations for corporations.

FAA Exemption

Can Robotic Aerial Security help a company save money?

Jack Wu, CEO & Co-Founder of Nightingale Security, moderated a panel of security industry experts and Nightingale Security clients. In this video, they discuss how Robotic Aerial Security can increase the value of existing infrastructure and save companies money.



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