Do More for Less

Our autonomous Robotic Aerial Security solution has numerous innovative, capability expanding applications for a range of industries. If you have something to protect or inspect we can do it better and more efficiently than your current solution.

Autonomous Perimeter Security

Continuously patrol your facility perimeter.

Quick drones patrol your facility perimeter and at-risk areas 24 hours a day, acting both as a deterrent and as a set-and-forget mechanism against break-ins. With onboard Artificial Intelligence and Video Analytics our drones have image recognition with human and animal distinction. This allows drones to autonomously follow suspicious humans or vehicles while leaving the racoons and deer alone.

Perimeter Security

Key Infrastructure Security

Maximize your security when it matters most.

On site safety is mission critical for Ports. Nightingale Security drones are equipped with high-definition cameras and stream real time video to security officers on their mobile devices. With these intelligent eyes in the sky you can assess and monitor accidents, provide information during search and rescue situations, and gather information about approaching vessels or ships with sensitive cargos.

Persistent Awareness

See more. Know more. Make better decisions.

Sometimes continuous monitoring of a situation becomes critical and our autonomous Robotic Aerial Security service provides those vital capabilities. Unlike standard surveillance where you’re piecing together human intelligence, ground base cameras, and witness statements (many times either non-existent or un-reliable) our system can show you everything that has happened on the ground and gives you invaluable situational awareness about unfolding events – helping you prepare for or prevent a disaster.

Lot Security

Good for everyone – except criminals.

Parking lots are prime targets for car break-ins, theft and assaults. Our autonomous drones patrol and monitor large parking lots day and night to identify any suspicious activities and immediately notify your security team. Aerial security is a proven deterrent and gives you an upper hand at monitoring areas susceptible to crime. If you have a large parking lot or distributed parking facilities then deploying our system is a no brainer.

Search and Rescue

Extra help might save a life.

The ability to save lives and prevent disasters requires fast response from a seasoned team with the right tools. Search and Rescue teams will see immediate benefits from our aerial robotic security system outfitted with HD cameras and thermal sensors. There are a range of important life saving applications such as: locating swimmers pulled out to sea by rip tides, injured surfers, and passengers from a capsized boat. Our system is also helpful at finding and identifying sharks swimming near crowded beaches.

Manufacturing Facility Security

Protect materials, tools and assets.

All manufacturers, regardless of size, share some common key challenges. These challenges include ensuring the safe arrival of parts and raw materials, securing manufacturing processes to protect against theft and accidents, and ensuring reliable delivery of finished goods. Nightingale Security integrates with existing VMS, perimeter sensor and alarm panels to provide around-the-clock video surveillance of your manufacturing facility perimeter and critical areas.

Event Protection

Stifle unrest before it becomes an issue.

Providing 24-hour air surveillance over high-traffic areas, Nightingale Security drones track crowds and report any sign of disturbance to local law enforcement officers and security companies. The goal of using aerial drones during crowded events is to stifle unrest before it becomes an issue. While recording events from high above and gathering vast amounts of data, the drones regularly stream video to ground-based personnel helping secure locations much faster than regular cameras.

Pipeline Security

Secure your critical infrastructure.

Oil and Gas Pipeline infrastructure is vulnerable to damage and theft and the costs of these exposures are dramatic. Global losses in theft from pipelines and other sources are estimated to top $37 billion. That said, drones are the most economical type of platform to secure the thousands of miles of pipelines around the world. Nightingale Security deploys an intelligent, autonomous and reliable Robotic Aerial Security service to reduce risks of damage, leaks and theft and protect people and profits.

Remote Surveillance

Dramatically Improve your field of vision.

Ground cameras, no matter how high-tech, are still limited by their design. If an intruder steps out of a camera’s field of vision, the camera essentially becomes useless. This won’t be the case when Nightingale Security is deployed. Our drones are deployed autonomously upon a break-in or trigger event and they record crucial video footage, covering areas that are usually out of reach.



There are many use cases for our aerial security system including Perimeter Defense, Remote Surveillance, Situational Awareness, Search and Rescue, Port Security, Lot Security, Event Protection, Key Infrastructure Security, Manufacturing Facility Security, and a host of other incredible applications. For more information please contact us through the form below or please call us at (415) 796-6464.  For inquiries within the Europe please call +32 473 86 9797.