Better, Stronger, Faster, Safer and Much More.

Situational Awareness

See live video of incidents before engaging.

A Nightingale Security drone autonomously deploys to inspect an alarm event and travels quickly to its destination. The drone streams live video of the situation to your entire security staff – giving them essential information on unfolding events. In the video below, Denis Hébert, Chairman of the Board of the Security Industry Association, discusses the importance of situational awareness.

Superior Mobility

Reduce your response times.

Your system is always ready for action allowing for immediate air support. And with drones capable of covering ground fast you’ll have eyes on the scene in no time – and likely much faster than your current abilities. In the video below, a panel of industry experts and clients discuss the benefits of using Robotic Aerial Security to quickly get eyes on a situation and respond to alarm events in a whole new way.

Always On Duty

24×7 Autonomous Patrols

Nightingale Security drones are located onsite and they work around-the-clock to monitor your facility.  The always-on system autonomously responds to alarm events quickly and intelligently. It provides the entire security staff real time situational awareness, which helps to clear false alarms and helps minimize risks posed to security guards. In short, it’s a new standard for commercial security. The video below discusses how Robotic Aerial Security helps keep security guards safe.

Cost Effective

Less than you think and more powerful than you imagine.

With a manageable initial investment and modest monthly service fees you’ll dramatically increase your security capabilities, respond to fewer false alarms, protect your staff and monitor valuable corporate assets. How much is that worth?  The video below discusses how Robotic Aerial Security can save companies money.

Advanced Perimeter Security

Put eyes over any perimeter location or within your facility footprint.

Nightingale Security drones patrol your corporate facility perimeter and fly programmed, autonomous missions – exponentially increasing the visibility of your property. And our Geo-Fence mapping ensures the drones stay inside your designated area. This video covers the best way to secure a large corporate perimeter.


Be in command from the get go.

Easily learn to control and manage our intelligent drones via our mobile and desktop applications. A straightforward step-by-step process leads you through the initial set up, helps you assign team permissions and deploy your drones. The dawn of aerial security has arrived and it’s easy to get started. This video covers the importance of ease-of-use for deploying Robotic Aerial Security. 

C4I- Command, ControL, Communication. Computing and Intelligence.

Get everyone on the same page.

Your Mission Control app comes with a powerful communication hub that shows alerts from the drones, allows the team to chat via voice-to-text capabilities and provides access to incident reports, which can also be filed with voice-to-text, ensuring they are done on time and with ease. 

Our Brochure

A shareable overview of Robotic Aerial Security

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There are many use cases for our aerial security system including Perimeter Defense, Remote Surveillance, Situational Awareness, Search and Rescue, Port Security, Lot Security, Event Protection, Key Infrastructure Security, Manufacturing Facility Security, and a host of other incredible applications. For more information please contact us through the form below or please call us at (415) 796-6464.  For inquiries within the Europe please call +32 473 86 9797.