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Our company is built on talent and passion. We are committed to our customers and our craft. We make a patent pending aerial robotic security solution, We deploy custom solutions for each client and provide an amazing customer experience. Our team is experienced working with global 100 companies.

  • Jack wu

    Co-founder & CEO

  • John Hsu

    Co-Founder & CTO

  • Arnd Schöter

    Co-Founder & European Tech Partner

  • Grank Gaugel

    Frank Gaugel

    Co-Founder & European Tech Partner

  • Tal Turner

    VP, Business Development

  • Cary Savas

    VP, Marketing

  • David Jackson

    VP, Aerial Hardware

  • Ed Shang

    Director of Hardware Development

  • Ming Lin

    Director of Product Development

  • Jinoo Jain

    UAV Flight Systems Engineer

  • Rick Reeser

    Flight Test Engineer

  • Kyle Roh

    Lead Deployment Engineer

  • Cyril Damm

    Serverside Engineer

  • Maren Schwarzer

    Project Management

  • Pierre Ketels

    Director Operations Europe

  • Dave Maiero

    Coordinator, Government Services

  • Denis R. Hébert

    Board Member

  • Bhavesh Patel

    Advisor, Corporate Security

  • Gretchen West

    Regulatory Advisor

  • Otto Laufer

    1st Responder & Law Enforcement Advisor

  • Mark Pipes

    Regulatory & Legislative Advisor

  • Antony G. Jameson

    Technical Advisor

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There are many use cases for our aerial security system including Perimeter Defense, Remote Surveillance, Situational Awareness, Search and Rescue, Port Security, Lot Security, Event Protection, Key Infrastructure Security, Manufacturing Facility Security, and a host of other incredible applications. For more information please contact us through the form below or please call us at (415) 796-6464.  For inquiries within the Europe please call +32 473 86 9797.