Jack is a consumer Internet veteran with background in application design and development. He has 17 years of startup and corporate experience in product development and design.

Jack joined eGroups as employee no 3. eGroups was subsequently acquired by Yahoo! in 2000, and renamed as Yahoo-groups. After Yahoo!, Jack was recruited by the CEO of Tickle to fill the role of Creative Director. Tickle was later acquired by Monster in 2004. After Tickle, Jack was recruited by former chairman of Tickle (Samir Arora) and CEO of Glam media to head up advertising product for Glam Media. For the two years preceding launch of 50Cubes, Jack ran his own flash development studio, which laid foundation to his interest in gaming and creation of 50 Cubes in late 2009. Jack is currently the Co-Founder & CEO of Nightingale Security. He also invests and advises companies in the online space. Current & past advisory roles consists of: EventBrite, Geni, Glam Media, and Yammer.

Tal Turner  — VP, Business Develoment

Tal has a background in front line high-technology enterprise sales and partnerships. Tal has worked for global tech companies like T-mobile/ Deutsche Telekom, Keynote Systems and Cotendo. Most recently he has focused on mobile app development partnering with some of the hottest start-ups in the bay area in social media, e-commerce and sports marketing/events- his focus was targeted on mobile. Tal is an expert in developing a top tier client base and is able to easily network at a very high level. His true passion has always been focused on military technology and history. Tal is from San Francisco, Bay area having grown up in the Peninsula and attended school at The Lawrenceville School in Princeton, New Jersey, and Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley where he majored in Political Science/Military Studies and International Relations.

Jinoo Jain — Product Manager


Jinoo is a Product Manager at Nightingale Security working to efficiently integrate the most advanced robotics software developments into our system.  His work with robotics started at the University of Pennsylvania in 2011, and continued at the UC Berkeley in the POLY-Pedal robotics lab. He began his research in autonomous UAVs at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA where he worked in the UTM (Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management) branch.

Omar Arriaga — Lead Electrical Engineer

Omar received an Electrical Engineering degree from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a concentration in embedded systems. In the past, he worked at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center designing and testing tele-operation interfaces to robotic systems and on the Data Center Operations team at Omar has over eight years of experience designing and building radio controlled planes and Multirotor UAV’s. As the lead electrical engineer at Nightingale, Omar supports the development and integration of the hardware and electronics that go into the UAS.

Pierre Ketels — Director Operations Europe

Pierre is Co-Founder of several security consulting, training and coaching companies in Belgium. He Develops strategies for optimal security efficiency and has 20 years of experience running global projects in the B2B area in the logistics & transport, industry & seveso companies, retail, and banking institutions. Pierre experience includes several global  companies such as Total, Essers, Duracell, Bank Van Breda, Toyota, Citrovita, Umicore.

Pierre Ketels (Security Partner)

Phone: 0032(0) 473 10 03

Anthony Jameson — Technical Advisor

Anthony has a range of professional experience including:
  • Thomas V. Jones Professor of Engineering
  • Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University, 1997-Present
  • James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Aerospace Engineering
  • Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department, Princeton University, 1982-1997

Anthony earned numerous awards including:

  • Elmer A. Sperry Award for Advancing the Art of Transportation, 2006.
  • USACM Computational Fluid Mechanics Award, 2005.
  • ASME Spirit of St. Louis Medal, 1995.
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Fluid Dynamics Award, 1993.
  • Gold Medal of the Royal Aeronautical Society, 1988.
  • NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement, 1980.


John received his Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University in 2004. His doctoral dissertation work includes novel numerical algorithm development for solving complex unsteady transonic flows and coupled aerodynamics. Upon completion of his Ph.D., John worked at SpaceX on Falcon’s navigation system, developed aerodynamics and structural coupled loads analysis simulations, performed orbital trajectory optimization analysis.

John’s current research interests include solving accurate physics simulation of constrained rigid body dynamics at near real-time, realistic robotic perception simulation. Recently, he has been working on development of integrated robotic simulation platform suited for robotic applications such as robotic navigation, planning, manipulation and perception.

John helped bootstrap ROS as a startup and he was the main author of some of the fundamental components for the ROS ecosystem (robot model description, path planning, controls). John made the Gazebo simulator popular by making it useable. It’s now widely adopted and used for many robotics competitions (DRC), industries (rethink, yuneec, etc.), teaching college courses (GWU, Stanford, u-penn, etc.).

At Willow Garage, John was responsible for defining the vision for the autonomous car project. While at SpaceX, John worked in a small 4 person team and he wrote the high fidelity dynamics simulator for predicting flight feasibility and safety. He also did trajectory generation and safety (casualty) analysis.

Kyle Roh — Lead Deployment Engineer

Kyle has an extensive background in general and corporate aviation with a formal education in Aerospace Engineering from San Jose State University.  With over 20 years of general aviation experiencing ranging from aircraft mechanic to owning an aircraft detailing company, Kyle has built up a very wide spectrum of knowledge and industry contacts.  Previous to joining Nightingale Security, Kyle worked as an Aerospace Engineering Tech in the Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel at NASA Ames Research Center and he was the President and Founder of the UAV Research Foundation at SJSU.  Kyle has flown and designed rockets with the iTripoli Rocket Association and has been a crew chief and crew member for a race team at the Reno Air Races in the Sport Class for over 5 years.  Kyle is passionate about all things flying and enjoys prototyping new designs.

Brian Boyd — Flight Test Engineer

Brian studied Aerospace Engineering at San Jose State University.  While attending college, Brian was in the SJSU Robotics Club where the team designed and built Mars rovers for competition.  Brian started flying drones in 2016 and shortly after built his own drones.  Brian is a Flight Test Engineer for Nightingale Security where he tests, builds, and repairs drones.
Cyril Damm

Cyril Damm — Software Engineer

Cyril received his diploma in Informatics from Stuttgart University (Germany) in 1996.  1997 Cyril founded a Software Development Company and was an “Confidential Informant” for the “Federal Bureau for the Protection of the Constitution” in Germany for 6 years. Since 2004 Cyril has been CEO of Charax GmbH. He has experience working with several global/ international companies such as Deutsche Post DHL, Mercedes Benz and Henkel AG.

Maren Schwarzer — Project Managerment

Maren received her diploma in Economic Science from Bremen University (Germany) in 2003. Her diploma thesis focuses on Project Management, which has become her mission in the IT sector. That’s why she has been certified as Project Management Professional (PMI), Scrum Master & Scrum Product Owner. She has been working as Program Manager, IT Project Manager, Requirements Manager and Interims Manager for several global/ international companies such as Deutsche Post DHL, Otto and Henkel Beauty Care.


Arnd is based in Brussels, he co-founded several consulting companies in Germany, Spain and Belgium. Developing digital strategies for German blue chip companies. More than 10 years of experience in running global projects in the B2C, B2B area in the logistics, automobile and FMCG industries. He received his MBA from Sheffield Hallam University in England. Being able to live and work abroad for almost 20 years he acquired deep cultural understanding and speaks 5 languages and build up an extended European business network.

David Jackson — VP, Aerial Hardware

David’s work history includes 10 years at Lockheed Missiles and Space and 18 years with Cisco working with customer to designing the next generation networking equipment. His life passion has been experimenting design and building unman air crafts and near space balloons with different sensors.  His passion for the multi-rotor UAV has made David a sought after expert in designing and testing of UAVs. He is incorporating all of his past innovating experience to create the next generation multi rotor Unmanned Security Ariel Vehicle.

Rick Reeser — Flight Test Engineer

Rick graduated from San Jose State University with a BS in Aerospace Engineering in 2015, where he co-founded the SJSU UAV Research Foundation to develop a fixed-wing VTOL-capable quadrotor UAV. Prior to joining Nightingale Security, Rick worked as a design engineer at AeroTestra, an industrial-grade UAV manufacturer. As Flight Test Engineer at Nightingale, Rick supports the development and integration of the hardware and software that goes into the UAS through testing and research.
Hugo Boyer

Hugo Boyer — Flight System Engineer

Hugo received a mechanical engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal. He has over 15 years of professional development experience. At Makerbot Industries, he created Miracle-Grue, Makerbot’s first tool path engine for 3D printers. At McGill University, he worked on parallel GPU algorithms for the computational chemistry lab. Hugo is also an architect of SIMSAT (versions 2.x on Windows and 3.x on Linux), the real time spacecraft simulator of the European Space Agency.

Bhavesh Patel — Advisor, Corporate Security

Mr. Patel is the Senior Director of Security Operations & Technology, and the senior member of a Security leadership team responsible for the development, implementation, and management of Sanofi’s Security program. Sanofi is a global and diversified healthcare leader, which discovers, develops, and distributes therapeutic solutions focused on patients’ needs. Sanofi has core strengths in healthcare with 7 growth platforms: diabetes solutions, human vaccines, innovative drugs, consumer healthcare, emerging markets, animal health and rare diseases. Mr. Patel is an expert in using technology as enterprise applications to enable business. Security operates the authoritative system for employee identification and feeds 30 enterprise-wide applications. In his role, Patel leads cross-cutting process improvement and technology integration efforts. Using a global virtual campus philosophy, he built a widely benchmarked Operations Center that delivers protective and event based monitoring for more than 300 global locations, networks, product supply chains, and global travelers. In his 22 years of experience, Mr. Patel has performed in various roles within the Security industry. He frequently speaks on the topic of security and issues facing biopharmaceutical and health care organizations. Mr. Patel also leads several Security technology groups and is active in a variety of professional associations, including public/private partnership Security initiatives.

FRANK GAUGEL — Co-Founder & European Tech Partner

Frank is an expert in corporate enterprise software development programs with more than 15 years of experience managing global projects in the logistics, mobile telecommunication and FMCG industries. Frank founded several Companies across Europe and consults with blue-chip companies to develop digital strategies and digital transformation programs. Frank worked for Deutsche Post, DHL, DB Schenker, Henkel, Schwarzkopf, Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, amongst others. Frank is based in Barcelona, is fluent in 4 languages and has built up a large European business network. Frank earned his Master of Science in International Business and Management at the Sheffield Hallam University in England and the Hanze University in The Netherlands and he also holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Marketing from the Dutch University HAN.

Ed Shang — Director Hardware Development

Ed received a mechanical engineering degree from University of California, Santa Barbara in 2009. He then worked at a small MEMS/semiconductor start-up company on next generation RF MEMS devices funded by US government, with emphasis on manufacturing process development and semi-conductor tooling design. In 2013, Ed joined Foxconn as the lead of advanced manufacturing engineering team, where he focused on co-developing with Apple Inc. to bring up the next generation manufacturing process. With the passion in next generation technology, Ed is bringing his hardware development and manufacturing experiences to Nightingale Security team, also providing innovated aerial security products to customers at accelerated pace.

Jenwei Peng — Software Engineer

Jenwei turns caffeine into code.  He is a self-taught software engineer with deep experience developing iOS and Mac applications. Jenwei worked with Apple to co-developed the next-generation automation system for manufacturing testing. He interests include Robotics, developing better code, snowboarding and learning.

Ming Lin — Director of Product Development

Ming is an Engineer and Tech Investor from Cupertino, CA.  Ming graduated from Cornell University with dual Master Degree in EE and CS. Then he worked at Marvell Semiconductor and Apple Inc. till he joined the Nightingale Security team. Ming carries Apple’s agile development spirit and aggressive project management style. Besides his engineer career, Ming is also a technology agent investor. He has invested in start up companies in the environment engineering, semiconductor and smart home solutions industries. Now Ming is sharing Nightingale Security vision as a seed investor and now working with the Nightingale Security team for the complete autonomous drone service solution system.

DENIS R. HÉBERT — Board Member

Denis R. Hébert is presently President of Feenics Inc, an Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) provider. He most recently served as the President & CEO (December 2002 – June 2015) of HID Global Corporation, a manufacturer of secure identity solutions. The company is owned by Assa Abloy, a Swedish supplier and manufacturer of locks. In this role, he acted as president & CEO of the business over a 12.5 year period, providing strategic guidance and leadership, while growing the business tenfold through a mix of strong organic development and more than 20 acquisitions. Mr. Hébert also concurrently served as the Executive Vice President (October 2007 – June 2015) for Assa Abloy AB, where he was a member of the Assa Abloy executive team, contributing to corporate and strategic planning for the overall group. Mr. Hébert presently serves as Chairman of the Board of the Security Industry Association, having been a Board member since 2009. He has also been a member of ASIS International for over 28 years, having participated in the Montreal (QC), Paris (FR), Bay area (NorCal), Orange County (SoCal) and Austin (TX) chapters. Prior to Assa Abloy, Mr. Hébert was a senior executive for 17 years with Honeywell International, having served as President of NexWatch (formerly Westinghouse Security Electronics) in Fremont, CA; Managing Director of Honeywell S.A. in Paris, France; Director of Financial Institutions business segment, Regional Manager for Quebec and Marketing & Engineering manager for Honeywell Canada. Denis is a graduate of the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University in Montréal, having obtained both a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA. In addition, he completed the Market Leadership program at IMD in Lausanne. LinkedIn profile:ébert



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